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PBM Corporation Copay Clawbacks Exposed

Published by The National Community Pharmacists Association: “The phrase ‘being caught with your hand in the cookie jar’ comes to mind when watching a series of stories by New Orleans WVUE-TV’s investigative reporter Lee Zurik. They explain copay clawbacks—an under-the-radar tactic employed by some pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) corporations to extract more money from patients—in […]


The Real-Life Patient Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Published by The Community Oncology Alliance: “There is growing awareness of the problems and pitfalls with Pharmacy Bene t Managers (PBMs) in the United States health care system. Contracted by insurance carriers to negotiate on their behalf with pharmaceutical companies, these ‘middle men’ corporations have quietly become an unavoidable part of our nation’s health care […]